Friday, April 29, 2011

What's your favourite advice to facilitators/trainers of teachers?

Over the years, you've taken part in workshops, training programmes, meeting, on-site coaching - either as participant or as facilitator or trainer. Maybe you have even trained trainers or prepared them in different ways. So what's your favourite advice to anyone involved with training and facilitation? 

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Manoj said...

Let's know the participants,
1. The experiences & specialties,they have.
2. The mode of trg. they have taken.
3. Historical,geographical &cultural background of the participants.
4. Their belief & perception.
5. Their attitude towards trg & thinking about learning.
Let's know our planning,
1. Re-construct our objectives,
2. Re-organize our contents&
3. Re-plan our sessions according to their needs.
Let's develop relationship so as
1. They feel them relaxed & secure.
2. They feel them an important part of the trg.
3. They feel us as an facilitator not as a teacher.
4. Every one feel free to express their views on the basis of equity.
Let's make such type of situation that can
1.make everyone re-think on their old belief & reconstruct their own knowledge & understanding on the expected objectives.
2. Make them feel changed in their behaviour & way of doing their work.
What more!Feeling grateful and Waiting corrections.
Thanks to ingnite us in such a way.

Subir Shukla said...

Wow, great list there Manoj - thanks a lot! You've organized it well too. Now I'm motivated to put up the next post soon, which will be: How good are you as a facilitator?

Prakash said...

1.sprite level-sidhi bat no bakvas
2.paper work+mini project+group discuss+self thinking and presentation+music+interview+listening=one day taining work(teachers ki multiple inteligence ko dhyan me rakhana hai)
3.always think hatke,no astha channel and don't be morari bapu
4.always use current topics with,curruption,local matters etc.

Chaman Prakash Sippi said...

Listening: one of the most important tools. Listen vary carefully to the comments/experiences of the participants. this will make them comfortable. Also if you don't listen to them why should they?

Giving Space/Opportunity: You should give space/opportunity to every participant to comment, perform the activity and presentation. This will enrich them.

Amaratva Prapt karna: Amar nahin hona hai,means you should not continuosly go on talking/lecturing.

MBA nahin bananaa hai: means Mujhe bahut aata hai. "Aapko aata hai achchha hai mujhe nahin jananaa hai, kya kar loge", is the attitude when you show your panditya.

You should smile a lot and create opportunities so that every participant smiles and the environment they are in is fearless, very light and joyful.


Make them realize that there is always scope for improvement.
Let them feel that THEY CAN DO.
Let them come out with genuine hassles and convince them by giving real solution.
Make them analyze their beliefs about teachings in changing perspectives.
Let they be convinced that the education is moving from authoritarian teacher centric system to democratic student centric system.
Thats what I feel.